Whether macking Drainpipes, two foot Bay Street, or epic Malibu, the Los Angeles surf experience is certainly an original. was created to collectively share surfing experiences, vent frustrations, and build local knowledge through spot checks, rants, and tales of chasing surf around the region. Whether you got barreled, snaked, or rode one all the way to the sand, LA SURF SPOTS wants to share your story, so please comment and email us any info/pics/vids! Our vision – bring LA surfers together through a collection of experiences unique to our surf community.

“My whole life is this escape; my whole life is this wave; I drop into, set the whole thing up, pull off a bottom turn, pull up into it, and shoot for my life, going for broke man.” –┬áMiki Dora

Santa Cruz Island Potato Harbor

Surf Spots in The Channel Islands, CA

All the while those Channel Islands sit out there, obvious, framing every eye scan towards the horizon as the next set comes in. Plainly in view, yet silent and mysterious. As for surf out there, I’ve certainly heard the myth […]

pipeline november 14th 2010

LASurfSpots Visits Oahu’s North Shore

The thing about Oahu’s North Shore is that it is nothing like Los Angeles. Which, as an eager LA surfer coming down from those pineapple fields with all kinds of fantasies in tow, can be a total reality check. Lots […]

no surf equals mammoth

When It’s Flat in the Winter, Go To Mammoth!

Well, the title pretty much sums it up, and especially during this (so far) dog of a winter. Beat’s that Sunday pilates class you were thinking of meeting your friend from work at, eh? This movie requires Flash Player 9